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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It is the final weekend of the Parade of Homes, showcasing the best of what East Texas builders offer. One special home will have you breathing a bit easier come bill time.

It is the first one in all of East Texas and it is called a "net zero" home. It claims to cut your energy bill to zero. Builder Rudy Wright makes it hard to miss with 36 solar panels.

"Guaranteed to sit up there for 25 years and produce more than enough power to completely run this house on an annual basis," said Wright.

The home takes green to the extreme with its hundreds of solar panels.

"A normal code compliant home would be a 100," explained Wright. "There's not even enough room to show ours."

But even the best energy savers splurge a little and why not in the bathroom?

"This unit is basically anything you could ever want to do with water," said Wright.

The shower setup boasts a remote control rainfall shower, a full Jacuzzi tub with added foot massager, an eight-jet water massage stashed in the corner and the radio is not even the best part. Hit a button and minutes later you heat things up with a steam room.

"I'm just crossing over our energy envelope and this section is all 10" of foam that covers the underside of the shingles," said Wright.

The special bio foam makes the attic just as cool as downstairs, but the home becomes a money maker with what's inside a closet.

"Basically this takes the sun's energy and pumps it into your household grid where your utility comes in and by pumping it in here it's going to power all these loads first and if these don't use it, it will push it out to the grid and sell it," said Wright.

The home, paying almost half its worth over its mortgage note, is only $135 per foot, saving home buyers cash now and making them money years later.

Rudy says the money-making home is still on the market so you still have a chance to see it plus all the other Parade homes in action.

The Parade finishes up this weekend. For ticket information click here.

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