Tyler Police release 2010 'Click it or Ticket' Report

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Released by the Tyler Police Department:

TYLER, TX - The Click It or Ticket campaign for 2010 started on May, 24, 2010 and ran through June 6, 2010. The seatbelt compliance rate for the State of Texas is 93%. In March of this year a seatbelt survey was conducted in the City of Tyler. The results showed a 96% usage rate for wearing a seatbelt. After the Click It or Ticket campaign for this Memorial Day Holiday a second survey was conducted in the City of Tyler, indicating a 97.6% usage rate. We are pleased with the results showing that the citizens of Tyler do "Buckle Up For Safety".

Tyler police officers that participated in the 2010 "Click It or Ticket" federally funded program issued 186 citations for seatbelt violations, 30 citations for child restraint violations, 70 other citations for miscellaneous violations and three arrests.

This year two important changes have been made to the seatbelt and child restraint laws.  The following changes are indicated below:

1) All occupants in a passenger vehicle must wear a seatbelt in the front and rear seats, "unless they fall into a special category which is exempt from wearing one."

2) A child who is younger than 8 years of age and less than 4' 9" tall must be in an approved child passenger safety seat system.

***We would also like to remind you that a passenger must be at least 18 years old to ride in the back of an open-bed vehicle. We recommend that NO PASSENGERS are allowed to ride in the back of an open-bed pickup due to serious injury or death if the vehicle is involved in a car crash.***