Lincoln Sailor Comes Home to White Oak

It was a special day for Kathy Frazier of White Oak, her son in law Billy Boudreaux is coming home.

He's been overseas during the war with Iraq and has gone 10 months at sea on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Kathy and her family wanted to make Billy's homecoming something he and his wife would always remember so they staged a surprise welcome home, complete with banners and a couple of dozen relatives and friends.

Like many war families, the most difficult thing is being apart.

Finally the wait was over and the surprise was sprung.

Its a scene that's almost timeless. We've been through it so often in our history. The sadness of war gives way to the joy of reunion. Boudreaux has completed his sea duty and is now set to take shore duty in Corpus Christi.

Bob Hallmark reporting.