2 feet of flood waters came rushing in

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SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - One East Texas family woke up to flash flood waters rushing into their home. It happened early, around 6:30 Thursday morning on Pioneer Road, just west of the Tyler city limits. It is also known as Smith County Road 1156.

There is no need to wipe you feet at the Hague Home, now.

"Of course, we get the Thundercall from Mark [Scirto]," said Keith Hague. "It woke us up and we jumped out of bed and he said, 'It's coming.'"

Hague says he and his blended family have lived in their home for nearly 20 years.

"I just woke up and all of a sudden there was a flood, and I'm like, 'Aww, snap!'" said Ivan Hague, Keith Hague's son.

"We got a Shop-Vac and started vacuuming what was, at that point, about an inch [of water]," said Keith Hague.

That effort would prove futile. Keith says moments later, the creek behind his house began to swell. Water started rushing in from the back yard, onto the patio.

"It filled up the house [and] burst open the french doors," said Keith Hague. "It was soaked fast."

The water line inside measures about two feet high - well above the electrical outlets. Keith says he cut power to the house, just in case. Much of the water finally started to recede, but not after flooding every room on the ground floor of the house.

"Everything's a total loss," said Keith Hague.

"It is sad..that's all we have,"said Ivan Hague.

The Hagues say this is the third time the house has flooded in the past few years, but it has never been this bad.

"It's like the whole process all over again, pulling everything out, cutting, cleaning, sweeping, [and] vacuuming," said Todd Hague, Keith Hague's son. "It's just terrible."

It is a rain-soaked reminder that now has this family rethinking and relocating.

"Oh, we want to move," said Keith Hague. "This location is just a flood plain."

The Hague's say, fortunately, they do have flood insurance. Thankfully, no one in the family was injured.

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