East Texans describe Anderson County storms

ANDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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ANDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Anderson County started seeing damage from storms late Wednesday night. Rising waters caused some serious damage in a relatively concentrated area. Floodwaters took trees, bridges, even asphalt off the road. Creeks became lakes, drenching the southern parts of East Texas.

The fast moving water of Thursday morning now moves a bit slower, but the memory of Wednesday night's storm remains fresh for Effie Williams.

"The wind the rain it would thunder and all the bottom would just fall out," said Williams. "I don't think it ever stopped all night."

The rain did not, saturating the soil causing one of the night's first injuries.

"The whole road was nothing, but a tree it came down as we were driving there wasn't much we could do," said Jesse Carreon.

Carreon watched as a fallen tree went through the windshield and into the steering wheel, gashing his friend's hand.

"We needed the rain, but I don't think we needed it that fast or that quick," said Carreon.

"This is where the tree came uprooted and it just kind of took all the concrete with it and of course laying on the fence in the pasture," said Williams.

The downpour, dumping 8" of rain in just a few hours, may have broken a long, dry spell, but also brought some serious damage, and new ways to get home. Keith Holleman left Thursday morning, but could not get back. His road was washed away.

"It just kept raining all night and then we heard some noises down there...and we got up and the whole road was under water," said Holleman.

The fast moving water took nearly everything in its path. However, these two East Texans say better a road than their home.

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