Chopper 7 tour of East Texas flooding

By Jamey Boyum - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Between storms, Thursday, we sent Chopper 7 up to get a better look at some of the flooding.

From the air, it was easy to see submerged docks from swollen ponds and lakes, like at Kelsey Creek Lake. The a result of torrential rains weathered all over East Texas which knocked down trees and closed roads such as 271 near Gentry in Tyler.

Within two hours that same stretch of flooded road was clear, with traffic flowing instead of water.

Highway 14 just north of Loop 323 in Tyler was closed for several hours due to high water. By mid-day cars were getting through.

Spring Club Lake, a 17 acre private lake near Highway 14 and south of I-20, is no longer there. A steady leak in the dam gave way, becoming a break causing the lake to disappear.

Interstate 20 once again suffered from slow-moving traffic, and County Road 463, which passes beneath I-20 was closed for several hours.

It will take some time for East Texas to dry out, but the good news is the drainage system is working.

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