A Better East Texas: Oil Palace

Tyler's Fabulous Oil Palace seems to have lost a bit of its luster recently when the county health department nearly shut down the venue which is home to graduations and concerts and everything in between. We hear complaints regularly about the traffic and parking and now the bathroom facilities at the Oil Palace. And it is very concerning that a city the size of Tyler has no other option for hosting top entertainment events. Some friendly competition for the Oil Palace will most likely improve the condition inside and outside the building. But honestly the owners should feel the responsibility to the community to improve the condition of the Oil Palace. Yes, it would take some investment but what could the building be like if the infrastructure, sound, lighting, you name it were brought up to a standard that performers and speakers actually looked at Tyler and East Texas as a "must do" destination? The Oil Palace has been around since the early eighties and honestly, if this were Dallas, it would have fallen to the same fate that Reunion Arena, Texas Stadium and one of my favorites the Bronco Bowl did. Entertainment halls need constant updating and investment and a re-birth of the Fabulous Oil Palace would lead to an entertainment and tourism boost for everyone and that would make for a Better East Texas.