Little Feet Make Big Steps For March of Dimes

When you're only eight, it takes a lot to get you to give up your Saturday. Eight-year old Jeffrey Millen gave his up for a good reason.

"I wanted to help babies," Jeffrey says, "And God told me in my heart he wanted me to help babies."

When Jeffrey's little brother Joseph was born eight months ago, a chance meeting in the hospital led Jeffrey to make a decision.

"This young lady came in and she had her baby premature and the baby didn't make it," Jeffrey's mom Valerie explains. "He really felt for her, and felt sorry for her and so he decided he didn't like seeing somebody suffer like that, and he wanted to try and help."

"When people," Jeffrey says, "Are having their babies and they're born too early, I just want to give my heart to them."

Jeffrey was walking Saturday, after raising more than fifteen hundred dollars for the March of Dimes this year. His door-to-door determination impressed everybody.

"He stayed on it," his mom says. "Matter of fact, until the very last day he was collecting money. I was very proud for him following it and seeing it through."

Even though he walked the distance and raised the money, his family hopes his story leads to much more.

"One person does make a difference," Valerie says. "They can get out there and help save a child, or lower the birth defects."

"I'm very proud of myself for what I did," Jeffrey says. "I'm gonna do it every year, I'm gonna try to do it every year."

In all, over 200 people participated in the walk raising over $32,000 for the March of Dimes. That money goes to advocacy and research to help prevent birth defects.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.