UPDATED: East Texas road closures

This list is being updated as officials release information:

Smith County:
As of 2 p.m. the following County Roads have been closed due to dangerous conditions: 

  • CR 1113
  • CR 1141
  • CR 1130
  • CR 1143
  • CR 1134
  • CR 1295
  • CR 1131
  • CR 1105
  • Intersection of CR 1227 and 1141
  • CR 46

As of 1 p.m. Smith County Road 1295 (off CR 46) is washed out.  This is a dead-end road and Road and Bridge crews are there now trying to rebuild access for residents of that area.

Highway 135 is flooded near the intersection of Highway 271 in southwest Gladewater. Many of the side streets off of Highways 135 and 271 were flooded as well.

Tyler Police Department has re-opened 69 North for traffic in both directions.

Smith County Road 1113 (Lake Placid Road) is closed west of CR 1141 due to dangerous conditions. This is the area near new construction for Loop 49. Motorists should seek an alternate route until further notice.

Road and Bridge crews are currently assessing multiple reports of flooded roads throughout the County.

City of Tyler:
The Tyler Senior Center is closed due to flooding.

City staff has closed Houston Street between Bellwood and McCain due to the weather-related failure of the railroad crossing warning equipment. UPRR is onsite assessing the damage now. This crossing will remain closed until UPRR has made the necessary repairs.

Location of barricades due to high water:
1511 Bellwood
Douglas @ Front
Idel @ Flieshel
Douglas @ Noble
Houston @ Douglas
Bellwood @ Hurt
Walton @ Rhineheart
Bonner @ Locust

The following street locations have been closed off due to high water across the roadway:
E. Gentry Parkway and Duncan Street
1500 Block of Bellwood Street
1400 E. Erwin Street
Old Gladewater and Duncan

Location of trees down:
Front @ Fleishel
107 Rowland
Front @ Wildwood
3414 Bain

Anderson County:
State Highway 287 North closed 1 mile north of Cayuga High School
FM 320 closed one mile north of Palestine Loop 256
FM 2330 and FM 860 closed from water over road

FM 2330
FM 837
County Road 404, 481, 482, 483
FM 837

Van Zandt:
FM 316 closed due to high water at State Highway 198
County Road 3080 washed out and closed due to high water two miles east of State Highway 198

Gregg County:
Lafamo Road between Whatley Road and Tenneryville Road is closed due to flooding.

Cherokee County:
County Road 4807 is closed due to flooding.
County Road 4910 near the Mixon community is closed due to flooding.
County Road 4703 is closed due to flooding.

Upshur County:
A bridge was washed out near East Mountain.