State troopers execute nation-wide road check program

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - State troopers are carrying out a continent-wide checkpoint, aimed at keeping you safer on the roads. For a three day stretch, law enforcement will be inspecting several vehicles, but will have a close eye on 18-wheelers, in an operation called "Road Check 2010."

Law enforcement agents will inspect safety equipment and check driver log books, and possible drug or alcohol use.

"I think that they should check the trucks. I think they should take the ones off the road that have a problem and the drivers that are driving too many hours. They fall asleep and cause wrecks," said Longview resident Betty Horaney.

They're looking for what agonizes average drivers, unsafe trucks and unsafe truckers.

"As much as truck drivers drive, they have little time to check the maintenance on their vehicles so you may have some bad tires, D.O.T. may pull you over and shut you down. It's a concern. You've got a lot of families out there driving on the highway," said Longview businessman Cornielius Bell.

Inspectors say around 30% of all 18-wheelers are unsafe in some capacity, bad tires bad brakes, and drivers falsifying logs.

"They have to make a living, but they need to keep their trucks maintained," Horaney said.

During last years road check, troopers examined over 7,000 vehicles, removing over 1,600 vehicles and over 200 drivers from the road.

"I hope they do get everybody that's not up to code and the big trucks on the highway," Bell says.

The 72-hour inspection program will finish up Thursday in North America.

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