City Leaders Urge Whitehouse Residents to Vote Saturday

Leaders of the city of Whitehouse are pleading with voters to come to the polls Saturday. First, there are three city council positions on the ballot. But also, a $6.5 million dollar bond.

Just over two-thirds of that will be for improvements to sewer and wastewater systems, and $2 million dollars for a new municipal building. The mayor says turnout needs to improve over past elections.

Mayor Mike Gray says, "We have 3300 registered voters here, and last election, we had 550 of them come out, and it's just terrible. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. So, I think they need to go out and vote one way or another, and that we'll know which way a majority of the citizens want us to go."

The new bonds will only force a tax increase for two years. The owner of a $90,000 home will see a rise of $45 per year to their tax bill.