Parents Of Sailor Watch For Son Behind Presidential Podium

While the President was addressing the nation Thursday night, two parents in East Texas were watching closely. Not for what the President said, and who was in the crowd.

That's because their son is aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. Joshua Duyck is on his way home along with the rest of the sailors.

Trying to see her son, through the tears. Donna Roby hopes that Joshua will somehow say "Hi Mom." from somewhere at sea. A place where he came of age.

"Besides being a Christian, the next best thing that happened to him was the navy. He turned his life around," says his mother Donna Roby.

Josh is 22, and works in fire control aboard the huge carrier. It's a job that trains him for so much in life.

"He just needed a chance to show his ability," says his father, Larry.

At home, he and Donna stayed glued to the television. Information overload became a way of life for months. Along with that, a lot of worry.

"I was more concerned with his mother than him, she was a basket case she watched the news every morning and every night. That's all we watch," Larry says. "It's good that it's come to an end."

Josh hasn't decided whether to re-enlist in the Navy, having already served more than three years. Carrier life is tough. But for mom, one choice he made was gut-wrenching.

"He decided he'd try to be a Navy SEAL which -- there is a God, he does answer prayers, he decided he wouldn't do that."

Whatever he does, his parents are proud. The boy they sent to the Navy is no more.

"He's a man now," Larry says. "He was a boy when he went in and now he's a man. So to me it's real."

Unfortunately, Larry and Donna did not see Joshua on television.

   Reported by Morgan Palmer