Tyler museum opens Babar exhibit

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER,TX (KLTV) - Tyler museum workers are hoping a new exhibit will inspire a new generation to appreciate art. It's a new twist to and old kids book that combines classic art with a familiar character. This influx of kids at the Tyler Museum of Art was mainly due to a familiar kids book, the opening of Babar's Museum of Art. The little elephant prince who grew to be a king.

"This is the opening day of Babar's Museum of Art which is an exhibition we've been working on for about a year now," says Tyler Museum public information officer Zoe Lawhorn.

Along with music, puppet shows, and crafts, all with elephant themes, there was art.

"Its an education bend to try to expose children and readers to kind of the world beyond maybe what they're community is centered around," Lawhorn says.

Like the books, the exhibit focuses on world travel, the kids even get passports.

"Its a wonderful opportunity to introduce young people and children to the arts in a way that probably their parents and grandparents are comfortable with. Children will recognize the characters from story books and can learn something about the original masterpieces," says Lawhorn.

Classic paintings were replicated with elephant characters from Whistlers mother, to Van Gogh, even the Sistine chapel.

"Its cool, the scream painting , I like the elephant version, it was cool," says 10 year old visitor Payton Truesdale.

"Different from what I expected but I enjoyed it, particularly the way the elephants were in all the famous works of art," says visitor Vance Hendrix.

The Babar exhibit will be on display at the Tyler Museum of Art until August 22nd.

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