New Breast Cancer Gene Discovered

Dorothy Taylor is a 48 year old wife and mother of three step children, and she never though she'd would have to walk through these doors at the Tyler Cancer Center.

"I had my mammogram done in June and nothing showed up," she explained. "I didn't feel anything."

But two months later Dorothy was sure something was wrong.

"I was in the shower doing a breast self exam," she explains. "And I was saying, Hmmm something don't feel right."

She immediately went to her doctor.

"He said he didn't feel anything," Dorothy explains, "but I said I do."

Dorothy was right. In just two months a tumor had grown throughout her entire breast.

Oncologist always new breast cancer in African American women often grew very fast -- but they never knew why until a few weeks ago. Researchers discovered something called the BP-1 gene.

"This is in the tumor not that you inherited from parents," explains Dr. Svetislava Vukelja from the Tyler Cancer Center."It controls the growth. The BP-1 gene is found in 80 to 90 percent of African Americans with breast cancer."

Even more important than the discovery of the gene is the possibility that doctors have found a way to stop it from growing by taking Vitamin A.

Now there is hope that a simple vitamin could stop it's growth and eventually help find a cure for breast cancer.

"I think we are racing to a cure and I am so excited about it," says Dr. Vukelja.

Dorothy is now cancer free but she continues to race for the cure.

You can join her and other survivors for the Race For The Cure on May 10th in Tyler.