Community Spotlight – Local Summer Camps

School is officially out and with that comes summer schedules for every school kid in east Texas.  For many families, summer means plans for their child to attend a camp. East Texas is home to some of the best camp programs and each year these facilities attract not only local campers, but campers from across America. But the recession has not been friendly to most of the camps programs and the ones locally have not been exempt.  So that is why we are highlighting the need of the major camps in our area including Sky Ranch, Rockin' C Ranch and Pine Cove as KLTV's Community Spotlight for June. These non-profit organizations are top rate and they need your help to grow and to continue their ministries. Each of them has a master plan for facility enhancement, program growth and a goal to heighten the experience for all campers.  But while these camps serve tens of thousands of visitors each year, they also impact our economy as each camp has a large number full-time of employees that live in East Texas and help move our economy. Camper's families also come to our area when dropping off and picking up campers and often times have overnight stays fueling our local economy. Each summer camp mentioned has a specific way to support their cause so check them out. Sky Ranch, Rockin' C Ranch and Pine Cove making a difference in the lives of our children and our economy and KLTV's Community Spotlight for June.