Artist tells story of East Texas homeless

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The homeless live in relative obscurity - in the shadows, so to speak, of our society. But, an East Texas artist is telling the stories of the homeless, who he lived among, in an unusual art display.

Anup Bhandari spent three months among the homeless in East Texas, trying to find out how they live, and how they got there.

"Most people they don't realize how people are living on the street - their daily life without a home," explained Bhandari. "I know most of them personally."

They live on the fringe in our cities, under bridges and in woods. Some have drug and alcohol problems, some were laid off from jobs and lost everything, and some have just given up.

They were not always on the street. They had lives before they got there and that is part of what this exhibit is about. Everyone has a story.

"Ok, his name is Mike," said Bhandari, looking at a picture. "He always carries his belongings on a shopping cart...In this 90-100 degree heat. His name is Ralph and I have been knowing him for 6-7 years."

His photographs show the struggle for things we take for granted: finding food, shelter and keeping warm or cool.

"We are all human beings [and] we can help each other," said Bhandari.

He says they need things that we all need. People need to show respect and love and just try to help them if you can.

Bhandari's photographs will be on display at the art gallery at 100 West Tyler Street throughout the month of June into the first week of July.

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