ATF Investigates Van Zandt County Pipe Bomb

A deadly device made from household products is the center of an ongoing ATF investigation. The bureau is still looking for whoever planted a pipe bomb on a Van Zandt County road Easter Sunday.

The discovery forced four families to evacuate their homes on CR 1803, just north of Grand Saline. Authorities say the bomb had enough firepower to cause fatal injury to anyone standing within 20 feet. The nearest residence was 200 feet away.

"It could have definitely caused some trouble," says ATF agent Clay Alexander. "It was on a paved road, where vehicles pass by and kids play on Sunday afternoons."

Even though the bomb's placement seemed suspicious, authorities say the device could not have penetrated underground pipelines.

"We can't discount the fact it was directly above a buried gas pipeline. But the size of the device and how it initiated could not have hurt the gas lines," says Clay. "Whether (the people setting the bomb) knew that or not is speculation."

ATF agents find about 20 pipe bombs in Tyler each year. Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department or Tyler ATF.

   Kerri Panchuk, reporting.