Service Therapy Dog Missing In Longview

A missing dog doesn't usually make the news, but one East Texas Woman is hoping for the quick return of her very special dog.

83 year old Ruth Wagner counted on her dog to ssee and that dependence has made the dog's sudden disappearance that much more painful.  One year old Tess, Wagner's German-shepherd service therapy dog, turned up missing on Friday. Wagner is legally blind and had come to depend on Tess for companionship and exercise.  Her family contacted agencies in numerous counties to find Tess, a dog with a remarkable bloodline.

Tess was in training to perform many kinds of tasks for Wagner, but disappeared at her daughter's home and everyone says the dog would not have run away and had to be taken.

For Ruth Wagner, it's not a matter of just replacing a pet, but getting her friend back. The family is asking that anyone who has possibly seen Tess, please call local police. A reward is offered for the dog's return.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.