5 fires, 4 days, all arson say fire officials

MORRIS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Sara Story - bio | email
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MORRIS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Another East Texas town has been struck by the work of an arsonist. Five vacant homes within Morris County were set on fire over the weekend, and authorities say they are moving in on the person responsible.

Two of the fires happened in Daingerfield - one on Jenkins Drive and the other just a block away on Anna Street. Three more fires were set on County Road 3104, north of Daingerfield. The fires began Saturday evening, with the latest taking place Monday morning.

Authorities say they have confirmed all five fires arson because the homes were vacant with no utilities turned on. They believe the same one person is responsible for all of them.

Neighbors we talked to said there has not been any recent problems in the area and this comes as a random act.

"It was dead," said Ashley Garrett, who witnessed one of the fires. "It was like now, nobody out. We was around the corner barbecuing. I walked around here and it was a blaze. I ran in the house and called 911...They need to stop them before they set someone's house on fire who lives in the house because I guess they having fun with doing it.

The chief of the Daingerfield Volunteer Fire Department says the county is now working with a state fire marshal.

He says they are hopeful to make an arrest by the end of the week.

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