Clorox Teflon: "Does It Work?"

Dozens of bathroom cleaners claim they clean best. But few claim to clean best and keep things clean longer... between cleanings. That's the case with a brand new product we found called Clorox Teflon.  But, "Does It Work?"

We started with two identical sink basins.  We cleaned one with Clorox Teflon.  The other with a brand "x" multipurpose cleaner.

Then we coated each sink with an oil based make-up base.  We rubbed it in really good.  Then we turned on the water in both sinks.  If Clorox Teflon really resists stains, the water should remove more of the make-up on the Clorox side than the brand "x" side.

Sure enough, it did.  When the water drained, the difference in the two sinks was remarkable.  Just an estimate, but about 60% of the make-up drained away on the Clorox side.  Brand "x" looked almost exactly as it did before we turned the water on.

"Does It Work?"  It's one of the best new products we've tested. We give Clorox Teflon a "yes".

Clorox Teflon leaves behind no greasy or slick residue and costs a little more than three dollars.  The toilet bowl cleaner is about $2.25.