The Best Graduation Gift

By Coleman Swierc

WHITE OAK, TEXAS (KLTV) - They have been together, for a long time.

"Our senior class has pretty much played together since we were 5 or 6 years old," said White Oak senior Joseph Gawrieh.

School is now out in White Oak, and for eight seniors on the baseball team, it is out for good.

"I don't have to worry about classes or school work," said senior Chace Evans, "I can just come out here and play the game I love."

Not so fast.

One more school function, has put the Roughnecks playoff series on hold.

"Having a win, it is easy for us to do it," said senior Jackson McCurdy, "If it was a loss, it would be different, we still have to get to bed early, and stay focused tonight."

"It feels kind of weird honestly, that we are actually graduating," said Gawrieh, "It feels like we are still freshmen, it just feels wierd, it just feels like we played on the little league field yesterday."

"Our coach has pretty much nailed down the rules, as soon as graduation is over to go home, no partying or anything," said Evans, "It's not like we do any of that stuff anyway."

What they do, is win.

Another trip to state, could turn into the best graduation gift...ever.

"It would be the ultimate graduation life gift I would say," said McCurdy.

But would a senior rather win state and return to school?

Or graduate?

Gawrieh: "Oh, I would win state, without a doubt, without a doubt."

"I would have to win a state title, I am not goint to lie," said McCurdy, "It is definitely something that I have wanted to do in my high school career, which is almost over."

"I'd love to win state, I'd definitely stay here another year," joked Evans.

More school may sound crazy, but that's why they're crazy good.

White Oak will play Game 2 of the regional semi-finals against Corrigan.

White Oak leads the series, 1-0.