Boy Hit By Truck Remains In Coma

Two weeks ago a 6 year old Longview boy was hit by a truck as he rode a bicycle in his neighborhood.  Branden Panameno was taken to LSU Medical Center in Shreveport.  Today he remains in a coma at the hospital.

Every day kids get together and play outside their homes at Kenwood lane.  But on April 16th a friend and neighbor, 6-year old Branden Panameno, accidentally rode his bicycle into the path of a truck.  The driver was blinded by the sun.

"We tried to tell him to stop cause we saw the car but he couldn't," says Austin Pike.

"We looked back at the car and it was almost at where he was. He came out of his driveway and he just got hit," says Jordan Ferguson.

"When I saw what happened I was like, 'oh man I was just sad that it happened,'" says Jordan's little brother Chris.

Channel 7 news spoke with Branden's mother, Julie by phone this afternoon.  She says his helmet saved his life:  "It's just so logical to use to make your kids wear a helmet. It's a very cheap thing to buy and it can save your child's life."

Branden's condition is improving each day but Julie says doctors still don't know if he'll fully recover.

"He had an open fractured leg, a broken pelvis, head injuries. He's not awake. He can open his eyes a little bit. But they said he doesn't have much brain activity, many brain waves."

At Branden's kindergarten class classmates made cards to send to him in the hospital.  They are hoping each 'get well' and 'I love you' will do the trick.  Back in his neighborhood, kids aren't playing outside much anymore.  They are all praying Branden will return home soon.

A fund has been set up to help Branden Panameno's family pay for his stay at the hospital.

You can make donations at Longview Bank and Trust.

Amy Tatum, reporting.