Huevos rancheros omelet from The Diner

The Diner's Huevos Rancheros Omelet

3 eggs whipped

3 ounces of Pico de Gallo

3 ounces of your favorite salsa

3 ounces of pepper jack cheese

3 corn tortillas cut into strips and fried Four 1/4 inch slices of tomato

Heat your 10 " non stick skillet on a medium heat Place Pico de Gallo in skillet when hot. After 1 minute of sautee, add your eggs. Tilt skillet to allow excess egg to float onto bottom of skillet. When 3/4 of egg mixture is cooked, flip omelet. Add cheese evenly across omelet. Wait about 1 minute for egg to finish cooking then tilt pan and fold in half onto a plate. Place your grilled tomatoes, (kosher salt and pepper grilled) on the plate and enjoy.