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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Effective August 1st, TJC will be smoke-free. The board handed down a unanimous decision that has some blowing smoke for another reason.

"It's not the criminals that take away your civil rights, it's the always the people with the best intentions," said Philosophy major, Clint McInnis.

"In terms of having a clean, safe, beautiful campus, I think it'll help there...but more than that, it was really a health issue," said TJC President, Mike Metke.

He says the board considered taking action itself, last year. But, Metke says he asked the board to wait to see if a smoke-free campus was what the campus wanted.

"It's much more effective to just ban smoking...if you do a halfway measure, it's really not that effective and it's really hard to enforce," said Metke.

Smoking is currently not allowed within 50 feet of any campus entrance. The student senate passed a resolution earlier this year, banning smoking all-together after surveying the students, faculty and staff members.

"Tyler Junior College's mission is to really go greener and to become healthier...and with that mission, they'll totally understand," said Vincent Mguyen, Director of Student Life.

Special Education major, Tarah Jones, 19, is totally for it.

"Not having to smell cigarette smoke would be nice...being able to sit down at the picnic tables and worrying about there being cigarette butts everywhere, and ash everywhere...would just be nice," Jones said.

McInnis was against the ban from the beginning.

"I can't really see you walking down the sidewalk and a bit of smoke touches you and...aaghhh, you got cancer," he said.

But, he will abide by it, and take his butts elsewhere.

Metke says the August 1st ban will include the West Campus facility and facilities in Lindale, Jacksonville, and Rusk.

The school conducted its survey about the smoking ban, and so are we. Scroll down and leave you thoughts in the comments section below.

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