Cheap Eats: From Henderson to Overton to Tyler...yum!

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - You see the ads, you hear the claims, but now it is time to forget about the dollar menu. Before the lunch steals came Cheap Eats and get ready because we have another batch coming your way. We found three new spots to get a lunch with a non-water drink for $5, including tax.

If you want to save a few bucks, it is time to take notes.

The Cheap Eats journey started by following my nose to Henderson to a spot offering some coastal cuisine. Oh captain my...Captain's Fish House. A Cheap Eat there seemed like a fish tale, but a sign inside reassured me and the admiral confirmed it.

"In the depression they had a blue plate special where you had two sides and a protein so that's what we based it on and of course we can't be the 25 cent plate but we could do $5," said Rita Bylsma.

They do a mean shrimp etouffee. Simmered to perfection, it is served over a bed of rice and delivered to the table. The daily special, a side salad, a tea plus tax only runs you $5 flat.

Next up, we headed northwest to Overton. When your car is empty you go to a gas station (duh) so when you are hungry it only makes sense to go to the Taco Station. For fours years Helen and Trinity Hensley have turned out tacos. But, this time it was tamales we were after. The best part of the Taco Station's deal, even if the homemade jalapeno hot sauce kills your taste buds, is that the cost is just $4.50, which won't kill your lunch budget.

The final spot was one already making its mark in Tyler with a reputation that precedes it. The Burger House has always beckoned, and if the massive East Texas mural on the wall doesn't impress you, their low prices and high quality will.

"We have five meals," said Caroline. "They're technically under the kids meals but they're under $5 and they will all fill you up and it's the way to go."

I put Caroline's claim to the test and see them come to life. A burger and a hot dog right from the grill and on to the bun built up by skilled hands. The Burger House kid's menu's size speaks for itself. You get a cheeseburger, more fries than you can count and a soda for only $4.86.

But, your Cheap Eats winner this time is the all beef quarter pound hot dog, tons of seasoned fries and a soda only running you $4.32, making it this week's Cheap Eats Champion.

Bonus Cheap Eat:
Big Dave's
1372 US Highway 259 N
Diana, TX 75640
(903) 663-9911
Sloppy Joe and one side and drink for $4.68 after tax

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