Man steals from donation jar meant for family who lost 4 children in fire

by Brandon Richards bio | email

LONGVILLE, LA (KPLC-TV) - Authorities in Beauregard Parish are looking for a man caught on videotape taking money from a donation jar meant for a  family in Ragley who lost four children in a house fire on May 11th.

Surveillance video from the Lakeview Store in Longville shows a black male at the register on the night of Tuesday, May 18th. The man distracted the cashier, and then reached into the jar on the counter and removed money.

"He turned around to leave and he walked back in and asked for some cigarettes," said store clerk Jerry Allyn. "I guess as I turned around to get the cigarettes for him is when he reached in and grabbed the money out of the jar."

The store estimates the man made off with $300-$400, roughly half of what was in the jar at the time.

Store owner Moiz Hashwani said he cannot believe someone would stoop so low as to rob from a family that is already in need.

"[It's] bad because that's money that belongs to the family," said Hashwani. "They've already [had] a lot of trouble."

"I just think it's pretty low," said Allyn.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the identification of the male in the video. If you have any information, you can call 337-462-8918 or 800-273-1374.

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