Animal Shot And Killed - Owner Calls It Murder

A Smith County community is raising serious questions after a dog is shot and killed for no apparent reason inside their neighborhood.

It happened to residents living just off Hwy 110, near CR 437 on Friday.

Cheri Eager, responding to a neighbor's report that someone was shooting in her yard, started a search of the property. Soon after, Eager found her neighbors' six year old Husky shot dead near their adjoining property line.

   "The dog could not walk anymore," recalls Eager. "He was crawling to me with his front legs and whining." While Eager is an avid hunter, she says no one had permission to shoot on her land, especially with her two kids roaming around.

"They intentionally meant for this animal to suffer," she says. "And that alone was horrible and knowing that this was someone's pet was horrible."

The animal's owner, Carolyn Frizzell says the shooting followed a series of mysterious happenings in the neighborhood. Two dogs have been taken from Frizzell's property in just the last year. The most recent, a Husky named Bandit disappeared two weeks ago. Her remaining Husky, Queenie, became Friday's victim.

   Eager is also skeptical about what's going on her neighborhood. A dog belonging to her family was stolen late last year. Not to mention, her family has experienced a series of break-ins and trouble with trespassers.

While the family suspects foul play, there are no suspects at this time.

   Kerri Panchuk, reporting.