Meteorite? Piece of Icelandic volcano? Rock?

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Elia Angulo was relaxing in her backyard when she says a rock shot out of the sky.

"I thought it was bird, you know," said Angulo. "And, I saw it and saw it was a rock, and I tried to touch it, and it was hot so I went inside and got cold water."

It is not something you see every day.

"It just got me in chills that I found something," said Angulo.

She and family immediately thought it may be a piece of meteorite. After a look, geologists Bob Hulse and Rick Turner say that is possible.

"There's a lot of stony material," said Turner. "If it is, it would had to have a fairly low altitude."

"A thing like this is unusual," said Hulse. "But, there are, if you get on Google Earth and you can click on the meteorite thing and it'll show where meteorites have been found in Smith County and there have been some found."

But, they are not convinced the strange rock is from space.

"I wouldn't put money on it either way," said Hulse.

They say there are several components here unlike anything they have seen.

"This appears to be a glassy material, characterized by that flat surface that's shiny called conchoidal fracture," explained Turner. "It certainly appears to have been heated somewhat. It's got some, almost layered appearance there."

Could it be from the Icelandic volcano?

"Most of the time glassy rocks are volcanic," said Turner. "This would be a volcanic obsidian, for instance. Those things blow out of volcanic vents. This looks like something that has blown out of volcanic vents."

It may be a bit of a stretch to come all the way from Iceland, but the geologists say it is definitely not from around here - just adding to its mystery.

We also heard from Tom Hooten, with Tyler Junior College's planetarium. He says meteors cool as they fall through the atmosphere and this one was hot.

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