Groundbreaking Coronary Surgery Performed in Tyler

A groundbreaking surgery in Tyler Monday.

83-year-old Evelyn Anderson of Flint is one of the first people to receive a new type of coronary stent.  The Cypher stent was inserted into one of the arteries of her heart at ETMC this morning.

Stents have been around for years to keep narrowing arteries open, but some patients experience scar-tissue buildup. The Cypher stent, approved by the FDA just last Thursday, is coated with a drug that prevents renarrowing -- and for Evelyn -- chest pain that would keep her up at night.

"The pain was very severe. And what are you going to do but find a doctor that will take care of it?," she says.

"She has a very unique situation that is perfectly suited for this technology, and she happened to be at the right place at the right time," says her surgeon Dr. Jeff Carr.

Doctors say the bare-metal stents used for years are very effective, and people should not have them removed unless there are complications.