Family Angry Over Truck Drivers' Sentence

A light sentence in a case of negligent homicide has one East Texas Family seeking to change the law.

They believe offenders should get more severe punishments.

Now the families tragic loss of their Laurie has them continuing to fight.

In October, the truck driver was found responsible for the death of a Gladewater woman.  The driver Ronald Hookie was given a light sentence.

31 year old Laurie Davis was killed on October 22nd, when his logging truck ran a stoplight in Gladewater crashing into the car where she was a passenger. According to investigators, the truck was speeding and had brake problems, something the driver knew.  A jury sentenced the 55 year old truck driver, Hookie to one year in prison for criminal negligent homicide.

Worse for the family, was they have never received an apology from Hookie or his employer.

Lauries family is now putting together petitions that they will take to the state legislature to try and get stiffer penalties for people found guilty of criminal negligent homicide.

Bob Hallmark Reporting.