Church for Haiti

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A group of East Texans is taking on the challenge of building an earthquake resistant church in Haiti and your help is needed.

Architect Ron Mabry says they are traveling to Haiti around June 14th to see what materials are available. He and others are planning to build a church in Port au Prince. This place of worship would also be used partially as a dormitory and school.

Ken Jacobe already traveled to the devastated area with Tyler Gospel Chapel Church and says this is a way to help bring healing and hope back to their lives.

"A person's home that had all their belongings in it, all of their memories, pictures, clothing was destroyed in 41 seconds," said Jacobe.

"We're donating the material and the money but we're working with the Haitian people so they can build their own building so they'll be investing in the building and the community and also in doing that we're creating jobs," said Mabry.

Again, they say 100% of your donations will go to this specific project.

If you are interested in donating, here is the contact information you will need:

Phone: 903-566-2141
Address: Tyler Gospel Chapel
10195 Hwy 31 E
Tyler, TX 75705

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