Everyday Hero - Kim Leslie

Everyone knows someone that seems to have an endless supply of energy, but when you match that energy with a heart full of compassion you have the profile for KLTV's Everyday Hero for May.  I am speaking of Kim Leslie of Diana. Kim is a fitness instructor who has "adopted" all the ladies – young and old – in the Diana area through a school health program called the Student Health Advisory Committee or S.H.A.C.. Kim is committed to helping women of all ages have a healthy body and healthy self-esteem through spirit-filled fitness classes held on the school campuses in Diana. Her students are known as the "Sole Sisters" and Kim leads them five days a week. Kim is also organizer of a community-wide fitness event called Run Like A Mother where participants raise thousands of dollars for a local cause while learning the value of good physical health. Kim does all this as a volunteer and her other role as a mother of four keeps her busy as well.  But Kim also has her own challenges as she struggles with a potentially crippling disease – arthritis. She could easily stand down and focus on her own physical issues but she wants to motivate everyone she meets and her energy is contagious. So thank you Kim for your commitment to making beautiful women inside and out and for being KLTV's Everyday Hero for May.