Big Crowd Rolls In For Beauty & Beast Bike Race

Saturday morning found them off and racing, as more than six hundred and seventy cyclists came to Tyler's famous Beauty and the Beast bike race. For many, this meant riding with friends and family.

"Riding a bike is a great family oriented sport," Tyler's Clay Alexander said. "It's something that I would recommend for everybody. You can participate and visit, whether it's with your kids or your wife or your good buddies."

While the adults were covering distances from 12 to 64 miles, the kids had other, shorter races of their own. Organizer Greg Tanner says it's important to have something for everybody.

"We try to do the kids event for all the kids just so we can bring everybody out here to enjoy the festival, enjoy the weather, that's what we're trying to do."

As the adults came barreling back up the roads, some were pushing themselves to win. But even those just out for fun were accomplishing their goal. For some, it was just hearing their family cheer as they cross the finish line.

"The most special part," Alexander says, "Was seeing my wife and daughters at the finish line waiting on me with family and friends. That's really the most special part."

Even though clay didn't finish in the money, his cheering section made it all worth it.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.