Soldier's prize possession stolen, family asks East Texans to be on lookout

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It is an alarming trend, and police are warning motorcycle owners to be on high alert. The number of motorcycle thefts is rising statewide - including East Texas. One of the latest to fall victim to thieves is a soldier home after serving his country in Iraq.

Kyle Holrath's wife, Amber, is hoping someone watching will have the one clue that can help return her husband's prized-possession.

"I've heard several times from people who were over there with him that he was the morale of the group," she said. "He was the one that was keeping him high spirited and things were going to be ok."

His wife describes him as positive, a man who puts others before himself. It was in Kyle Holrath's nature to join the Army. Just months after he returned home from Iraq, he decided to do something for himself, so he bought a motorcycle.

"It is something that he has always, always wanted," said his wife.

Sunday night, the Holrath family was sleeping and the bike rested at The Park at Shiloh apartment complex. Monday morning, the Yamaha R6 was gone.

"It wasn't like it is the motorcycle we are upset about," said Amber Holrath. "That is the one thing that he got when he got home."

As Kyle Holrath studies to become a paramedic and works full-time, the young family made sacrifices so he could buy the bike.

"It was kind of like, 'OK the next time we get $200 to throw away you can go take the motorcycle class,' so he did. And then, it was like, 'OK, when you get another 100 you can get the helmet,' so he did."

While her husband is away at work, Amber pleads for the public to be on the lookout.

"The way you could identify this bike is the chrome Yoshimura exhaust and the drop pegs and then the carbon fiber panels and the fender eliminator kit," she said.

She asks anyone with information to come forward.

"I think that if the bike was even dropped off out there in the parking lot, it's not like he would turn around and figure out who did it and press charges," she said.

Now, a soldier and his family are hoping the one small reward returns home safely.

Officials say the Yamaha R6 and Suzuki GSXR are the most commonly stolen motorcycles in East Texas.

If you have any information on Kyle Holrath's motorcycle or any other bike thefts, contact the Tyler Police Department.

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