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Why do more teen drivers die on May 20th than any other day


TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It is a startling statistic: May 20th is the deadliest day for teenagers on the road.  Car accidents kill more teenagers, nationwide, than anything else.  But, what is it about, May 20th, that makes the roads even more risky for young drivers?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  reports May 20th as the deadliest day for teens on the road.  Throughout the past five years, 63 percent more teens died that day, than on any other.  In fact, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day has now been dubbed the "100 Deadliest Days" for teen drivers.

It won't be long before Darion Flowers gets his license.

"My parents don't get on to me as much as they do if I'm by myself," he said.  Darion's parents are teaching him to drive at home, and they've already set the ground rules. 

"No cell phone, no talking, no texting," said LaShan Flower's, Darion's mother.  "I really don't want more than two kids in the car with him," she said.

Kyle DeShazo has been an insurance agent for 21 years.  He said the worst phone calls he's received are from parents who've lost their children in auto accidents.

"It's horrifying," he said.

"It's the beginning of the teen driving season," said Sgt. Brian Tomlin with the Tyler Police Department.  "Teens are out of school, they have a lot of free time on their hands, and they're out driving."

Tomlin said more inexperienced drivers on the road, and more distractions behind the wheel are a deadly combination.  He said education is the key.

Last year, just over 300 accidents were reported in Tyler - a quarter of them involving teenagers.  Thankfully, none of those were fatal.

An Allstate Foundation survey revealed another interesting statistic: more than 75 percent of teenagers feel unsafe when another teen is driving.  Most teen passenger deaths occur when another teenager is behind the wheel.

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