Storms pound northeast Texas, residents happy damage was minimal

Storm clouds east of Mineola. Photo Source: Stephanie Frazier (Twitter: Mamastephf)
Storm clouds east of Mineola. Photo Source: Stephanie Frazier (Twitter: Mamastephf)

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DIKE, TX (KLTV) - Thursday's storms surprised some East Texans with a sudden downpour and some say tornadoes. It happened shortly after noon in northwestern Hopkins County near the Dike community. The storm moved through quickly, but not without leaving some damage behind.

Some even say a funnel cloud fell from the sky.

"I could see it over the top of the building and it just went across that way and I decided it was time to get out of the way," said Mike Scott, owner of Dike Store.

But, the storm Scott ran indoors to get away from followed him inside, interrupting his restaurant's busy lunch crowd.

"The lights all started blinking and they said we're out of here," he said. "The telephone went to ringing people started calling, 'We heard there's a tornado down here!' I haven't seen a tornado. I saw the funnel."

Power went out minutes later and the rotating cloud's path was seen by plenty. The path of its damage was plain to see.

"I know there's a young couple just north of here that said they saw two funnels, but they didn't think they hit the ground," said Pat Potts, who was working when the high winds hit his home.

Tornado or not, the severe weather left a serious mark behind.

"I thought that my house would be half - in two when they called and told me this because I knew how big these trees were," said Potts.

Luckily, the wind blown tree fell in the right direction, taking off his home's corner edge and not the entire roof.

"The ceiling inside that one room buckled it and fell down on the floor," said Potts. "We're lucky to be as in as good a shape as we are."

Electric companies in Hopkins County spent the rest of the afternoon successfully restoring power for area residents.

The sheriff's department says no injuries have been reported.

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