Robbery victim says man who was shot saved everyone else

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A tense 24 hours in Longview ends with the arrest of two armed robbery suspects. Police say the men held-up people as they stood in their yards and walked along sidewalks. The crimes expanded beyond cash and credits. One man was even shot.

Tuesday night police were called to a robbery at a home in the 600 block of Ridgelea. Three armed suspects robbed three other men, pistol-whipping one of them.

"At each one of those robberies victims and witnesses of those robberies describe the suspects with the same clothing same physical appearance, height, weight," said Kevin Brownlee, with the Longview Police Department.

Forty minutes later another armed hold-up was reported. This time in the 100 block of North Eighth Street. A wild flurry of shots were fired, wounding one man and narrowly missing victim Chris Reed.

"He pistol-whipped the younger man - the one that was with us," said Reed. "He started firing and I'm out in the middle of the road with one and he's like, 'Where's the money at?' Main thing on my mind was my sister my other roommates my family, you know? When they were running backwards they were shooting but firing up in the air."

Reed says the man who was shot probably saved everyone else.

"My friend belted towards his truck his truck was running," said Reed. "It startled the guy in front of me and he turned and started shooting. He had to have saved our lives."

Three hours later, shots were fired again as four suspects robbed and beat another victim in the 600 block of West Avalon.

"Anytime there's a handgun present in a robbery, it's already dangerous, but when you've got suspects willing to shoot at victims as they're fleeing from them that makes it even more dangerous," said Brownlee.

Wednesday night, another victim was robbed on South Green Street, but managed to give police a description of the suspects - two of which were arrested a short distance away.

"[We] recovered some stolen property, recovered some firearms used, and also made two arrests an adult and a juvenile and charged them with four counts of aggravated robbery," said Brownlee.

As least two other suspects are still sought.

The wounded man suffered a non-life threatening gunshot to the arm and was released from the hospital.

The names of the two men arrested have not been released, and warrants for the remaining suspects have been issued.

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