Half-Price Offer for Texas "No Call" List

Once again, it's "You Asked For It..." our segment where we take a viewers question and answer it on the air. And nearly everyone who has a telephone has had a call they didn't ask for... from a telemarketer.

So a viewer in Tyler wrote "How do you reach the Texas "No Call" Hotline to stop telemarketers? and if you change phone numbers does the new number take the old one's place on the no call list?

Our Morgan Palmer found out.

One man we spoke to says "When [my phone] says out of area, I don't even answer it, because i know it's a telemarketer."

It's happened to nearly all of us. Someone's has put your day on hold... trying to sell you something.  The telemarketing industry tells us they're offering a valuable service, but if you want most of those calls to go away, the state legislature has instituted the Texas "No Call" List. For just a few dollars most of those calls will go away.

One woman says, "I've been getting real nasty to them lately. They're waking me up in the middle of the day and I work the midnight shift."

The "No Call" List takes a couple of months for most of the calls to stop, but if they don't you can report those telemarketers to the state. Or perhaps, take legal action yourself. There are those businesses that don't have to obey the no-call law. Some charities, debt collectors, and those with whom you already have a business relationship.

As for having a new phone number take the place of an old one on the list, it's not automatic, and you'll have to call the hotline. Or else, they could start calling you.

Nearly 900,000 people have their numbers on the "No Call" list, wanting to get telemarketers off the hook.

Until April 30, you can sign up for the Texas "No-Call" list for half price, just $2.40. Plus, your number will stay on the list for a full five years.

You can call 1-866-TXNOCAL. That's 1-866-896-6225. You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.

Reported by Morgan Palmer