Woman accused of cutting down neighbor's rose bushes

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RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) – It's a war of the roses in Ridgeland, where a homeowner said she awoke to find her rose bushes destroyed by a neighbor who pretended to be her while getting the work done.

It's a claim the neighbor denies.

Karen Johnson said without her knowledge Thursday her next door neighbor impersonated her and directed Ridgeland Public Works to chop down her rose buses.

"Here are the ones they butchered. They even chopped it all the way down to the ground," said Johnson, while pointing to a leveled row of plants near the corner of her property at the intersection of Kelly's Glen and School Street.

She has lived at 315 Kelly's Glen for four years and said she doesn't understand why the woman beside her at 313 would damage her property.

"They told me the neighbor next door to me was out here with the City of Ridgeland cutting my trees and she was in my yard, and she was snickering and laughing," said the Kelly's Glen Street resident.

Johnson asked residents on the street if they knew what happened to her plants.

Gail Gilbert lives across the street from Johnson and told her what she saw.

"The city workers of Ridgeland were here. She was directing them, even to the point of getting into the yard now to cut I assume and even reached down to pull a rose up," said Gilbert.

Johnson said she contacted the city about the 18 cut bushes, and Monday workers replaced eight plants.

The next door neighbor refused to give her name or talk on camera but denied impersonating Johnson and said she did nothing wrong.

She also said it was a hazard for someone driving, and she handled everything with the city.

"Look at your Google.com, because it shows the view of the property," said Johnson, who pulled up her address and images of the house and yard on Google.com.

The Ridgeland resident pointed out pictures of the roses on her property before they were cut.

She and Gilbert maintain that the plants did not block the view of traffic.

Ridgeland city officials were contacted for comment.

"We have no knowledge of that. It's nothing we had anything to do with. The city took down some roses on a right of way and replaced them," said Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee.

The 49 year old said she filed charges with Ridgeland police.

"Officers took an information report, but no charges have been filed. A caller contacted the city saying the bushes were obstructing traffic," said Lt. John Neil, with the Ridgeland Police Department.

Johnson said she now fears what her neighbor will do next and plans to pursue trespassing and impersonation charges.

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