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4/25/03 - Tyler

Ministry Offering Free and Inexpensive Tattoo Removal

It's not often people have a chance to erase their past, but one ministry in tyler is doing that for people with unwanted tattoos.

Michael Austin is one of many who has several tattoos, some visible and painful reminders of his past.

"I'm trying to fix my past get rid of my past, fortunately I met mike and he's helping me with the process," says Michael Austin.

Until recently, Michael hasn't been able to get rid of the "graphic" tattoos he got as a rebellious teenager because it was too expensive.  The Women of Grace and Dallas certified laser technician, Mike Whitehurst will remove the tattoos in several sessions either for free or at a nominal cost.

"What I do for a $150 dollars here would cost them $500 to $600 dollars," says Mike Whitehurst, registered laser technician.

For young people with tattoos on their face, hands or neck, who are 20 and under, the removal is free.

It's changed Michael's life.

"I am actually starting to feel good about myself, my family is actually starting to believe what I tell them," says Michael.

Already there are 27 people involved in the tattoo removal ministry.

A reminder, anyone older will pay, but it's a nominal cost. The tattoo removal is the third Friday of every month. If you want information, you can call the Women of Grace at 903-595-5249, or call the clinic at 1-866-678-9550.

Dana Dixon Reporting 

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