Reunion for premature babies

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Lynn Mitchell - email
Posted by Kelly Hefelfinger - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - For nearly 200 premature babies and their families, it was time to celebrate. On Tuesday night, Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview put on a reunion for their neo-natal ICU.

Families brought their kids to celebrate their progress since their days in the NICU, and to reconnect with the nurses that helped the children through the first tough days of their lives.

One couple had traveled all the way from Baytown, Texas. Stephen and Chelsea Clynes brought Alexander and Nicholas, cared for as preemies at GSMC's facility.

"Without the nurses we couldn't have gotten through it," said the parent. "So it was important for us to come back and say hi - show them the fruits of their labor."

Christopher Ihionkhan is the director of the  NICU at Good Shepard.

"Some of these babies you see, weighed less than two pounds when they were born and we're just so excited to see all them doing so well," he said.

Since opening five years ago, Good Shepherd's Neo-Natal ICU has cared for more than 1300 babies.

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