7 on Your Side: Who keeps calling, and from where?

WHITE OAK, TX (KLTV) - By Layron Livingston - bio | email
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WHITE OAK, TX (KLTV) - The caller claimed to be with the "U.S. Investigations Department."

Elizabeth Poindexter said he had her husband's Social Security number, all of her phone numbers, and banking information.

She saved the following voicemail:
"You think I'm a fraud? A scam? You and your husband will be the behind bars, as soon as possible....Now, God only can help you from this legal mess. Goodbye," said the man.

Poindexter said she and her husband applied online for a $500 payday loan, last May.  She said she received the first phone call, Monday, from someone with the company, EME Marketing.

They asked her for $560.

Poindexter said the caller claimed to be with the U.S. Department of Investigations.

She said her loan was not from EME.  In fact, she has never heard of EME, and she can't figure out where, or how they got her personal information.

"I want to get this stopped," she said.

Poindexter may not be the only one. We found an entire online community of people who say they have been contacted by EME.

We tried calling the only number we could find - the one Poindexter recorded from her cell phone, with a 903 area code.

We were transferred to Officer Robert Richmond, who told us he was the supervisor. We asked "Officer Richmond" about the Poindexters.

"I cannot find any data, here on the name of Elizabeth Poindexter," he said.

We asked about Elizabeth's husband, Alfonsi, and the man hung up.  We called back and were disconnected.

"It is baffling," said Mechele Agbayani with the Better Business Bureau. EME Marketing did have a BBB report on file, but Agbayani said all of the complaints were deliverable.  No one could ever speak with anyone.

Agbayani said she also tried contacting EME, and got an answer, but not a lot of information.

"She would not tell me where the call center was located, [but] she did tell me the headquarters was in the West Indies."

It is still unknown whether the EME on file with the BBB is the same EME that is calling the Poindexters, but Elizabeth said she's learned her lesson.

"I will never use anything online, again, as far as money goes," she said.  "This was scary enough," said Poindexter.

The Federal Trade Commission says debt collectors are prohibited from threatening consumers with arrest over a debt.

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