All you need is a little motivation

By Coleman Swierc

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - The Tyler Lee Red Raiders insist on doing things the hard way.

"We come in there with big heads I guess," said senior Andrew Hahn, "Just thinking that we are going to blow them away, and they catch us off guard."

They sure do enjoy playing on Saturdays, Lee has had to win doubleheaders the past two Saturdays just to keep their season alive.

"We know that we have put our backs against the wall before but we know that we can fight back and win two games in the same day," said catcher Zach Cannon/

Sometimes they need a little motivation.

That's when they turn to Ryan Kourthaur.

"Right before our prayer, he gives us a speech," said Cannon, "And we usually perform our best after one of his speeches."

"If he does not give us a speech, then we just do not have it in us as well as we should," echoed Hahn.

He doesn't play much, hardly at all,  but his value is shownm in his one of a kind motivational speeches.

"It is just a one at a time, spur of the moment thing, I just do it when I can, it comes and goes, I just give it my all when we need it," said Korthauer, whos pre-game speeches have become rituals.

"I try to motivate the rest of them that do get a chance to get in there."

"He knows he is not going to play," said Cannon, "But he still gets in there and fires us up and gets us ready to go."

The Raiders will have at least two more games this year, and two more chances for another Kourthaur classic.

"When he motivates us before and after games, it is just tearful sometimes."

"I just tell them about how we might get to go to CiCi's if we play good," said Korthauer.

Ah, the sweet taste of victory.

The Red Raiders continue their season in the regional quarterfinals against A&M Consolidated on Thursday at 7:30 from UT-Tyler.

Games 2 and 3 will be Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and 4:00 from Sam Houston State.