Eyelid surgery offers most bang for your buck

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Cosmetic surgery is on the rise as Baby Boomers find ways to look as young as they feel. This week we'll be introducing you to popular procedures that doctors say give you the most bang for your buck. Dr. James Motlagh with Tyler Plastic Surgery says eyelid lifts are one of his most common operations. One of his patients said an eyelid lift changed not only his appearance, but also his ability to see.

Dr. Ron Smith earns a living examining eyes, but it was one of Smith's patients that observed something noticeable with the doctor's eyes. "One day I was doing an exam on an older lady, and she just said to me, 'Dr. Smith, if I was in the eye business, I would do something about those bags under my eyes.' Us guys, you know, we just shave in the morning, do our hair and go. So I went home that night and looked in the mirror. I sure enough had hoods way down here and black bags underneath my eyes," said Smith.

The 61-year-old admits the hoods were not only unappealing, but they were impacting his vision. "A lot of times the hoods will go all the way down into the pupils and you will see a lot of people walking around like this [looks down], and they are looking under their hoods. Sometimes their hoods will come down off the sides and cut off some peripheral vision," said Smith.

Dr. Smith recommends eyelid lifts to his patients fighting the same problem. He decided to follow his own advice and get his eyelids done.

Dr. James Motlagh performed the surgery. "As far as facial rejuvenation is concerned, this is definitely the biggest bang for the buck. It is easy to do. Your eyelids are the first thing someone sees when they look at you so that's where their eyes go to. If the eyelids look good, your whole face looks good," said Motlagh.

Dr. Motlagh says an eyelid lift is a simple procedure. It can be done in the office and takes about two hours. "I think anyone who is looking for facial rejuvenation and has excess skin of upper and lower lids or have bags under eyes, they are an excellent candidate for this," said Motlagh ."  Smith added, "You need at least one week off because you are very swollen. I looked like rocky and all beat up."

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says the average price tag is nearly $3,000. A price Dr. Smith says was worth it for natural looking results. "That's what everybody says is that I can't even tell you've had it done," said Smith. A subtle change for an eye doctor who wants to keep up with his patients.

Dr. Motlagh says excess skin on upper eyelids can come back over time. You may have to redo the upper eyelid surgery every 10-15 years. Lower lids should stay put.

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