A Better East Texas: Vote on alcohol

Voters in several East Texas communities cast their ballots on various measures concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages recently. Some of them passed while others failed, often by just a few votes either way. This is just another testimony on the power that one vote can have, but it is also a testimony of how split East Texans are when it comes to the sale of alcohol. There is no doubt the age old moral issue is driving many people but economics are now also playing a huge role in passage or defeat of these types of measures. Economic developers will tell you that businesses looking to relocate are very interested in entertainment and social opportunities for their employees – many of which involve the availability of alcohol. Another factor in passage and defeat of these types of measures that is beginning to emerge is geography. If cities have neighbors that are taking financial advantage of the sale of adult beverages, then they seem to be more prone for passage. So ultimately, if you haven't voted on this type of proposition you probably will soon have the opportunity to. And pass or defeat, it is up to our elected officials to manage these situations so as to preserve the character and appeal that exists across our area of the state and that will make for a Better East Texas.