Junior high student wins 'Letters To Leaders' contest

Hayley Spires. Photo Source: Lindale ISD
Hayley Spires. Photo Source: Lindale ISD

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Released by Maya Bethany with Lindale ISD:

LINDALE, TX - Lindale eighth grade student Hayley Spires could very well sit in the governor's seat one day. She already has some award winning ideas as to what the next governor could do to make Texas a better state.

Hayley was selected as the state winner for the writing portion of the "Letters to Leaders" contest sponsored by Texans Care for Children. In the statewide contest, students submitted letters or artwork to elected officials and candidates.

Hayley's letter was part of "Dear Candidates for Governor." Students wrote to gubernatorial candidates addressing the topic "What the next Texas governor can do to make Texas even better."

In her letter, Hayley expressed concern for the future of the Texas education system. She wrote, "From my investigation, it is my understanding that Texas does not plan on participating in 'Race for the Top,' the education plan presented by President Obama. So that leaves me with these questions for you. What is the future of education in Texas going to look like? How will the loss of federal funds be replaced?"

Hayley also wrote, "If elected governor, leave open a door behind you, a door of opportunity created by a strong educational foundation for the future of this great state. A door that may one day lead me to be sitting where you are right now, reading a letter from a concerned eighth grader."

"For my part I can promise you two things," she continued. "One, that if given the opportunity, my peers and I will walk through that door and make Texas proud, better than we found it. Secondly, if you are elected governor, I'll keep you in my prayers."

Contestants' letters and artwork were shared at a luncheon in March in Austin attended by state legislatures.