Proud of East Texas: Bob Coffey

By Joan Hallmark - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - While many artists discover their talents early in life, Bob Coffey came by his discovery only after dying twice from traumatic injuries in Vietnam. During his long recovery from his wounds, V A testing showed that Coffey had an aptitude for art which led him to art school and then into commercial art and advertising in Dallas.

For more than two years after being wounded in Vietnam, Coffey dreamed that he had died twice, gone to Heaven where he was sent back "because it wasn't time yet". A surgeon who had helped operate on Coffey later confirmed that he had indeed died twice on the operating table.

Although Coffee built a successful advertising firm in Dallas, married and had children, something was missing from his life until he became a Christian. His conversion has led him into a successful business in East Texas where he produces his hand painted antique reproduction signs and lives an old west lifestyle. But most important of all, he says, is that his priorities have changed with God first, his family next and then his business. You can find out more on Bob Coffee at

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