Several East Texas Gang Members Plead Guilty

Four East Texans accused of being part of one of the most violent gangs in East Texas pleaded guilty to racketeering Thursday.

KLTV has also learned from authorities that one of the alleged gang members has skipped bail. Geronimo "Spider" Urquiza and Michael "Menace" Lee admitted to being members of the "East Side Locos" gang in Tyler Federal court. Both self-professed gang members briefly took the stand to acknowledge their involvement and the other suspected "Locos" involvement in drugs, stolen guns, burglaries, shootings and other violent crimes.

Another East side Locos, Ramiro "Little Loco" Saldivar plea-bargained this afternoon, as did Locos associate, Daniel Garcia Sr. Federal prosecutors need your help to find the suspected Locos that skipped bail.

They believe Leonel "Cricket" Cedillo fled to Mexico. Call police if you have any information.

   Dana Dixon, reporting.