Historic farmers market opens in Longview

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV)- It's a tradition that brings people from all over east Texas, for a taste of spring harvests in the historical Longview Farmer's Market. From the plow to the plate, has been the motto of the Longview farmers market for years, and its a saying that brings people back.

"Farmers market is to allow the public to meet the people that grow the food they can buy and have local produce and local products on their table," says preservation Longview president Lynnette Goodson.

"Because everything is just beautiful sweet clean and fresh I just love it," says Gladewater visitor Evia Morrison.

In just 3 hours , all produce was snapped up.

"Oh man its just beautiful I love the produce they have," said produce shopper Monroe Ballard.

Long known for local farmers and produce, organizers have now added live music, crafts and booth's offering everything from organic fertilizers to goat milk soap. And the market has moved to a historic sight.

"This is a historic lot and so once again we're bringing the farm to this lot where Kelly Plow was who made farm implements," Goodson says.

At High street and Cotton street, according to local folklore, farmers used to bring their wagons in laden with produce, and organizers are hoping that this is where once again people will come to buy.

"This just gives you incentive to grow more the people were so nice and so many , it was a really good showing for a market" says local farmer Lowell Tanksley.

For most who attend, the event has become not only tradition but a matter of trust. The Longview farmers market will be every Saturday from 8-am to 1-pm. Organizers say there will be more farmers and more produce every weekend at the market, and they will add Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at a later date.

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