An East Texas Woman May Lose Her Home Because Of TJC's Expansion Plans

A young woman may be forced to move from her home so Tyler Junior College can build more parking lots for their students.

The TJC Board of Directors voted unanimously today to purchase several homes east of the campus.

TJC's President, Dr. William Crowe, says buying the property is the best option to solve their parking problems while saving taxpayers money. The problem is, some of the home owners say TJC isn't offering them a fair market value. They're just offering the bare market value for the homes.

Jamie Russell says she thinks TJC is not treating her fairly.

"I feel they know that I am young and they think I don't know anything about laws and stuff. I do. I feel they are trying to take advantage of me," she says.

But TJC President Dr. Crowe says it is the best way to fix the parking problems because building a high rise structure would cost millions of dollars.

"As a taxing entity and spending taxpayers dollars, we're trying to be as efficient as we can with the amount of money we spend and the funds," Dr. Crowe said.

If a deal is not made between the junior college and property owners, TJC says it may exercise it's power of eminent domain. Jamie doesn't want things to get to that point. She says all she wants is a fair price for her home.